Saturday, 31 August 2013

13. Don Cook - mid-upper gunner

Don in 1945
So far the only progress I have made in trying to locate the family of Don Cook is in the London birth records for 1924 and 1925, the most likely place and time of Don's birth if he was, as Jim Haworth suggested, a Londoner and aged about 20 at the beginning of 1945. These are the possibilities:
  • Donald Cook, born in Bethnal Green, January to March 1924 - he would have had his 21st birthday during his time with the Mallon crew
  • Donald J. Cook, also born in Bethnal Green, April to June 1924 - ditto above
  • Donald W. Cook, born in Kensington, January to March 1925 - he would have turned 20 whilst with the crew
  • Donald S. Cook, born in Hackney, October to December 1925 - he would have been 19 throughout his time with the crew

Don was still flying with the crew at the end of June and probably left the squadron when Bob did, in July 1945

One mid-upper gunner's story can be found here:

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