Monday, 2 September 2013

11a. Denis Eynstone's 'War Plane Atlas'.

In 1940, as the British public became enthralled by the Battle of Britain, the Daily Mirror published a booklet entitled 'Spot them in the Air', a 32-page booklet containing identification drawings of 27 British and German aircraft.

Some of the pages from the booklet found in Denis Eynstone's  'War Plane Atlas'

Fifteen year-old Denis was fascinated and started to compile what he called his "War Plane Atlas" containing his own pencil drawings of aircraft from WW1 and WW2, some of which are reproduced below. Two years later he en-listed in the RAFVR and eventually became an air gunner.

The front cover
Page 21 "Supermarine Spitfire"
Page 23: "Spitfire diving"
Page 25: "Messerschmitt"
Page 27: "A Heinkel bomber manned by a British pilot attacking a German Bomber 'Plane base"
Page 33: "The Skyrocket. And not without reason nearly eight miles a minute is the speed of this (?) pursuit plane, just released for sale to the Allies (1940). She's all metal and her two cannon and four machine guns compose her armament. (2400 horse power)"
Page 37: "A Dog fight - typical of the 'Great War'"
Page 47: "A 'Spad' fitted with bomb racks attacks a German Warship". (A 'Spad was a WW1 French fighter)
Page 49: "The certain end of all German aeroplanes"
Page 51: "Another U Boat is sunk"
Page 57: "A German plane on its last flight"
Page 43: "An Italian Nardi (Trainer), climbing - Speed 250"

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