Sunday, 20 November 2016

Press coverage

Media coverage in the U.K. so far includes interviews on:
·        BBC Radio Humberside
·        BBC Radio Cambridge
·        BBC Radio Lincolnshire
·        BBC Radio York

There have been articles in:
·        The Guardian, ‘Family’ section
·        The Daily Mirror
·        The Yorkshire Post
·        Blackpool Gazette
·        Cambridge News
·        Cambridgeshire Times
·        Cleethorpes Chronicle
·        Grimsby Telegraph
·        North Devon Gazette
·        Nottingham Post
·        Oxfordshire Guardian
·        Ryedale Gazette & Herald (twice)
·        Sheffield Star
·        Shropshire Star
·        Southwark News
·        Lincolnshire Life magazine (July 2017)
·        East London Advertiser

In New Zealand, articles have appeared in:
1.     Christchurch Star (Stuff/Fairfax Media)
2.     Havelock North Village Press (N.Z. Media & Entertainment)
3.     Wairarapa Times Age (APN)
4.     Wairoa Star (Independent)
5.     Sunday Star Times (Stuff/Fairfax Media)
6.     Taranaki Daily News (Stuff/Fairfax Media)
7.     New Zealand Women’s Weekly (Bauer) (Feb 2017)
8.     Air Force News (R.N.Z.A.F.) (March 2017)

 And there has been a forty minute podcast on The ‘Wings over New Zealand’ Show

In Australia, articles have appeared in:
1.     The Western Advocate (Fairfax Media)
2.     Bathurst City Life (Independent)
3.     The ‘Military Books Australia’ blog
4.     ‘Aerogram’, the magazine of the Friends of the RAAF Museum (Sept 2017)
And reviews in:
5.     ‘Aircrew Book Review’ blog (July 2017)
6.     ‘Flightpath’ magazine (August 2017)
7.     A review in ‘Aero Australia’ magazine (March 2018)

In Canada and the U.S:
1.     ‘Airforce’, the R.C.A.F. Association magazine (October 2017)
2.     Kerby News, Calgary
3.     ‘Military History Now’, an on-line magazine

And in Europe:
  • La Voix du Nord, France (March 22nd 2017)
  •, the Netherlands, 23rd January, 2018
There are also articles scheduled for:

  • Flypast magazine (UK)
  • Flightpath magazine (Australia)
  • Britain at War magazine (UK)


    'Aerogram', Friends of RAAF Museum magazine (Sept 2017)

    Blackpool Gazette

    Cleethorpes Chronicle

    The 'i' newspaper
    Nottingham Evening Post, 10th December 2016
    Wairoa Star, 29th December 2016

    Wairarapa Times Age 28th Nov 2016
    Bathurst City Life 26th Jan 2017
    Shropshire Star 28th January 2017
    New Zealand Women's Weekly, February 2017

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